Tacomas at Moab -- October 15-19, 2003
The following links are to the various aspects of my trip to Moab, UT. What a road trip!.

Day 1 - Moab Rim
These are pictures from day 1 on the trail. We took the rim trail. Picts include towing a truck with a broken front driveshaft *up* a portion of trail to get it back to the top of the main trail!

Day 1 - Lions Back
Adrenaline rush all the way! YEAH!!!! These are picts taken the evening of the first day of trails. Many of the picts were my view out of the truck! Once we got to the top I got out and looked around and took more picts! then took them of the views coming down. And yes, when it looks like the front view is looking at either just sky (going up) or just facing the ground (going down), that was really it. Same for looking over the side and seeing straight down!

Day 2 - What was the name of this trail????
This was a slower day. Took some trail and parked at a nice place. Watched some jeeps and a couple Toys go through some tight places!

Day 3 - Poinson Spider, Golden Spike, and something else.
Definitely my favorite day! Nice pace, wonderful views, and some interesting obstacles! Long day but well worth it!

Scenery and other odd pictures!
For those who want to check out some of the scenery (without the trucks) check it out! Also included here are a few odd shots of trucks.

On the road wrenching
OK, we started off on day one of the trip. There's just a few picts here with most being the welding in the parking lot! Who needs fireworks?!

Next time my truck goes!
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