Rest in Peace Kayla

While you were not mine I loved you as if you were. I met you not that long ago and loved you from that moment. Your happiness and joy in every little thing of life was contagious.
You loved the simple things in life and it seemed that anyone who'd throw a tennis ball was her friend. No matter how tired you should have been that tennis ball had to be gotten if thrown. And if it wasn't a tennis ball then a frisbee or anything else that was thrown would do.You were always full of energy and life. Always eager to play and make people laugh.

You were full of determination too. From not losing in tug of war no matter how big the other dog was to getting in even one little "kiss" on whoever was around. You seemed to never give up on whatever it was you had your mind set on.

I will always have fond memories of the times I got to spend with you. From that first time I met you and wished I could take you home with me, even if just for a weekend as I knew your "dad" would miss you. To the campouts where you'd run around and go crazy when people would yell out "SQUIRREL!!!" or make sure we were all up come morning! Of course there's always the times just hanging out when you'd have to get on the couch as you couldn't be left out when watching movies or the many times you'd sneak up and get as many licks in as you could before getting in "trouble".

I will miss you greatly Kayla. You were a very special dog and brought smiles to everyone who's heart you touched. Your smile and love of life will live on in those who loved you. You will not be forgotten and you can't be replaced.
Rest in Peace my dear Kayla