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Hello! Thank you for visiting my little corner here on the web! Life keeps me pretty busy so not a lot of time to update some of the stuff here. I'll be sharing various aspects of some of my hobbies here so I hope you enjoy your visit! Please note, this is another major revamping in progress of this page and my entire site so if you're trying to find a link from the past and don't, then please email me and ask where it went! I'm trying to make things a bit more organized and easier with a full index here.

There have been quite a few changes in the past few years but overall life is definitely good! The best one is finding a wonderful guy who not only supports my various hobbies but encourages them as well! Kyle's already proven that he's with me through sickness or health and richer or poorer. He stands beside me as a partner should no matter what. I'm also thankful for a good job, especially in these rough times. I'm no longer working as a vet tech unfortunately but have gone back to the print industry. I work in a great printshop working prepress and production with a wonderful boss! I miss the vet teching dearly but at least my body parts stay where they should now. (grin)

The Hobbies:

I've always loved photography but had a hard time as a kid. Could not get a silly point and shoot to get a picture without chopping off someone's head. When graduating highschool, my parents handed me the SLR for a trip and told me that I *will* bring back pictures! Amazingly I somehow did and my love of shooting SLRs came to be. Since then I've gotten into the DSLRs and absoluately love my Canons! For my personal photography page visit photography page. This is where all my outings and other photos will be shown. It'll be photo heavy so some albums can have a LOT of photos. You've been warned! ;)

I also have a "Professional" site now that features more of what I consider my best. It's more gallery based and not so much event/outing all inclusive. Please check out coyotequest.com and as always constructive criticism and comments are welcome! Thank you!

Outdoor Adventures
Offroading (4x4 or Dirt Bike), Hiking, Camping, Geocaching, you name it! I love it all. Love just getting out and away from the urban life. Be it an offroad adventure, a good hike, or just a quiet campout I'm in! Grab the camera and the GPS and I'm set!

Hobbies at Home

Model Horses
This is a hobby that's been a part of my life for a LONG time. Started collecting as a kid and didn't really stop. I slowed down a lot the last few years but on occaision I still get one here and there. At this point I just enjoy them on the shelves and hope to some day finishing painting some resin ones I have and make the occaision tack set again.

Leather Work
I don't do much of this but occaisionally find myself making something out of leather. The majority of stuff I've made is miniature tack (saddles, bridles, etc) for the model horses. It can be quite a challenge and yet relaxing.

Wood Working
This is a new hobby for me. I haven't done much but have really enjoyed learning about it. It's hard work but very relaxing and rewarding. I'm really looking forward to doing stuff and sharing projects!

The Animals:

I've always loved animals. Their beauty, power, unconditional love... I'm thankful to have shared my life with some wonderful pets and animals. Some I just get to observe their beauty and others I've had the pleasure of sharing my life with. Those that are no longer with us life on in our memories and hearts.

Western States Horse Expo!
Love hitting this even up each year with my bud for a girls' day out! Always so much equine beauty that it's not possible to capture all on film.

In Loving Memory
Spot on Head
Our dear Spotter. She was with me through many ups and downs for nearly 18 years. We miss you very much!

My Chey girl. Didn't have you for very long but those couple of years taught me a lot (especially about Border Collies!) and despite the scars and sleepless nights, it was all worth it!

Monalito and Roxy
2 wonderful dogs that will always be remembered!

A Tribute to Kayla, the Border Collie.
While Kayla wasn't mine, she held a special place in my heart. She, like my Cheyenne, managed to touch everyone she met and work her way into your heart forever. If only she could fly.

A Tribute to Xena
Xena wasn't mine either but I spent many hours dog sitting her on the trail. She was sweetheart and yet you could be sure she'd watch over you even though you were suppose to watch over her.

Weddings and the trips to and from:

Scott and Ann!

Matt and Roslynn's wedding

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